Obtain your NIE, Spain.

An NIE, which stands for Numero Identidad Extranjeros, is a Spanish tax identification number assigned by the National Police to all foreigners with fiscal obligations in Spain. You will require one prior to working in Spain, opening a bank account, purchasing a property, obtaining a mortgage, etc. The procedure to apply for your NIE without speaking the language can be difficult and stressful. That's why we ensure that we have all of the correct documents and information required by the authorities, as well as filling out the relevant application forms and paying the appropriate taxes. We will accompany you to the appointment or we can apply for your NIE number on your behalf using Power of Attorney as your legal representatives. 


Q.Do I have to renew my NIE number?

No, you don’t. An NIE number doesn’t expire.

Q.Does having an NIE mean I’m a resident?

No, an NIE is just a tax identification number, it doesn’t grant you legal residencia. 

Q.What do I need a NIE for?

An NIE number is most commonly required for working, purchasing a car or property, opening a bank account… however NIE numbers are used in most official transactions. 

What Next?

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