Spanish Driving Licence

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If you want to continue driving in Spain you will need to replace your UK Licence for its Spanish equivalent as well as relinquishing the original. 

As of 1st January 2021 it's now mandatory to retake your tests in Spain to obtain a new license if the intent to exchange wasn't submitted before the 31st December 2020.


Q. I’m a Spanish resident and have a Uk driver’s licence. Do I need to change it?  

Yes, you do. You have until June 2021 to get a Spanish licence.  

Q. I submitted my intent to exchange my UK driver’s licence before December 2020 but haven’t got residencia yet. Can I exchange my licence?

No, not until you become a resident.

Q. I’ve received my Spanish driver’s licence and it has points on it. What are the points from? 

In Spain, the licences start with points, then points are deducted when an infraction is committed.  

Q. Do I have to pay any tax to exchange my licence?

Yes, the tax is around €28.58, but can be subject to change without prior notice. 

What Next?

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