Spanish Will

Protect your assets.

If you are an expat with possessions in Spain, like properties, a car, a bank account, etc., you will hugely benefit from making a will in Spain. Why? Because it will save you time, money and hassle to your beloved ones: the future heirs.

Also, unless there is any clause in your UK testament that contradicts it, your UK will won’t be cancelled by having a Spanish one. This is because the Spanish will just regulate the assets you have in Spain.


Without a valid Spanish Last Will, your beneficiaries are left with the problem of obtaining a Grant of Letter of Administration and appointing an administrator in your absence to deal with disposing of your estate under the rules of intestacy. This can take many months. In the meantime, your surviving spouse or partner has all of the usual, household, weekly, monthly, and daily expenses to find. There is also the expense of preparing an official translation of your national Will and its legalisation to bear in mind, which together will cost significantly more than preparing a Spanish Will.


Q. Will my English Will be affected by a Spanish one?

Not necessarily, A Spanish Will can take in to account any assets you possess in the whole world if you wish.

Q. Is it possible to leave my assets to my spouse with a Spanish Will?

If the Will is drafted correctly, you will be able to choose the beneficiaries, even though Spanish Succession law favours children over the surviving spouse. 

Q. Can my Spanish Will be covered under British Law? ?

Yes, it can.

Q. If I’ve already got a Will, will the new Spanish supersede the original one?

It can if you wish. 

What Next?

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